week 25 maart

chef Tra My Nguyen

"I remember since I was a child, my parents would take us out for dinner at least once a month. Everytime we ate out, my dad would ask me and my sister to taste the dishes we were eating carefully and then tell him which ingredients were in there, how were they preapred... Going back home, he would ask us to make the same dishes. That’s how I started knowing how to cook. I loved both parts, the eating and the making. Doesn’t mean we succeed everytime though (there was no such thing like internet back then in Vietnam). Growing older, I started to travel a lot, and also moving abroad for my studying as well as living after my marriage. Traveling and moving from country to country around the world shows me even clearer that cooking is like creating, it is limitless. Though I never thought I would become a cook until 1.5 years ago, 6 months after I had moved to Belgium with my husband.

Cooking as a job is a total different experience comparing to cooking at home, yet the joy it brings is worth it all. Seeing people enjoy the dishes that I make, makes my day.

Every dish carries a story, and a story is there to be told."

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